When you love farming. Farming loves you back.

Farming is how we came together a species; it was the first step to becoming civilised.

At Woolly,

we are building and applying agricultural techniques like vertical farming, combined with hydroponics, data science and mobile technology to help people become self-sustainable for vegetables and herbs.

As we stand today,

it has been given the back seat, and is struggling to maintain the yield for a demanding population. The result is an aggravating use of pesticides and fertilisers in cultivation.

We are a new generations of farmers. And we help you become a part of it.

Woolly farmers are agile farmers. We use vacant spaces and terraces to set up mini green houses and help people cultivate their own produce and share the excess to make them self-sustainable.

A social enterprise with a vision to design solutions for urban food security and make agriculture and water systems more resilient in the face of climate threats

More than 200,000 people die each year from Pesticide Poisoning

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