Precisions agriculture is not new. We are.

Woolly is focused on building small communities, where each farm will look to produce a certain vegetable or fruit, and the excess is shared within or among other communities.

Anyone from within the community can join Woolly as a farmer. Our services include everything from setting up the farm to moving the yield to the communities.

We are an Open Source Deep Learning Platform which collects data from digital farms and give insights to our Growers. A deep-learning precision platform that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables with the help of computer vision and Block chain distributed ledger technology.

Our Value chain - We deliver farm fresh Goodness Always


From tracking market demand to grow the plant till farming maturity, our team will nurture the entire process.

Growth Index Tracking

Growth Index Tracking (GIT) monitor the plants and allow Woolly Grower to go about their day-to-day activities, and farm takes care of itself.


Woolly Growers do harvest at the right time with help of GIT and market demand to optimize wastage.

04. Delivery

We are associated with local store an online store, Also we do door delivery too.

If we utilize free spaces in houses and buildings and applying agriculture techniques like vertical farming, combined with hydroponics, data science and mobile technologies, we can make people self sustainable for vegetables and herbs.

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