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Now more than ever, we need to be mindful of what we eat and how we grow our produce. For our health and the survival of our planet. And each one of us has a role in this. That’s why, at Woolly Farms, we are creating a unique Woolly membership model.

Woolly Farms is your authentic source for farm-fresh vegetables.

Grown near you, using fresh, natural farming practices, to deliver
good health at your doorstep.

Be a Woolly Member. Enjoy these benefits and become a part of
our health and sustainability-conscious community

no joining fees for the first 1000 members


add money in the wallet and enjoy membership benefits


members get a 15% Off on each order


save more with free shipping on each order

Follow these 3 simple steps to become a Woolly Member. Be a force and support the #healthyurban community and get exclusive benefits in return.

Create your account on our website by clicking the below button


After registration, go to your account section and add money to your wallet


At the time of checkout, pay using wallet only to get all membership benefits

About Woolly Farms Membership

What are the benefits of membership?

Members will get a 15% discount on every order and free delivery for every order.  Also, all new produces and harvests will be first available to members only.

Is there any joining fees?

For the first 1000 members, there will be no joining fees. Also, these 1000 members will get a lifetime membership with Woolly Farms.

How this membership works?

You can become a Member in 3 easy steps. 1) Create your account 2) Add money to your wallet 3) At checkout, make sure you pay using wallet only.
At the checkout, a member-only coupon healthyurbans will be applied to your order automatically. You can also apply this coupon manually if it doesn’t get applied on its own.
NOTE:: If any other payment option apart from the wallet is used then membership benefits will not be applied to that order. To avoid this always keep more money in your wallet than the current order total.

Minimum amount to keep in wallet?

Always keep enough and extra money than your order value. This will make sure that the entire payment is made via wallet and the membership coupon is allowed for that order.
Example – If your order value is Rs 1200 then you should have at least Rs 1201 in your wallet. The wallet amount should always be more than your current order value.

Is it available in my location?

Please check our delivery schedule to know more about our serviceable locations. We will soon add more locations and will soon start everyday delivery in each serviceable location.

I still have some doubts

Please reach out to us in case you still have some doubts. Available for a call from 10 am – 4 pm.

Sign Up Today & Join Our Fresh Food Movement.

No joining fees and lifetime membership for the first 1000 members.